Schools Bundle

Schools Bundle

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Help support ISF in bringing Idries Shah’s teaching-stories to a new generation.

Buy two of ISF’s children’s books in hardback and we’ll send you a third title for free on the understanding that you’ll donate the bundle to your local primary school.

These aren’t your garden-variety picture books. Fun and entertaining, yet infused with Aesopian wisdom, our children’s books enshrine – in their characters, plots and imagery – patterns and relationships which increase our understanding, flexibility, and breadth of vision.

Many educators have recognised the value of the material Shah presented.  Commenting on the stories presented as illustrated children’s editions and distributed by The Idries Shah Foundation and Hoopoe Books in the USA, Laurie Noe, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, Connecticut wrote: 'These books share not only wonderful folk stories from a region not often represented in current children’s literature, but there is also an innate potential in them for supporting skills such as prediction, critical thinking, and social/emotional development skills of demonstrating empathy and conflict resolution.'